“The next secular bull market is on its way,” says Lance Robert, host of “StreetTalkLive.”  

He backs his prediction with his take on the latest Elliot Wave-theory indicators, posted on the BusinessInsider entitled, “This looks like Wave 5 of a Cyclical Bull Market,”

For Roberts, due diligence requires a look back at previous attempts to round the bull market corners; he studied the past 3-year advance in the market, and his practiced ‘eyes’ saw what all technicians of the market look for: a pattern.

Then, he dug deep in this ‘toolbox’ of analytics and began divining what all the ‘Waves’ were about for those past three years; his article gets deep-in-the-weeds with analysis and charts in defining “...the five waves of a cyclical bull market advance...”

Wave 1: This one can be hard to pick out, says Roberts, because “the fundamental news is almost universally negative.” Okay, hard to figure, but he points to one indicator having to do with ‘volume;’ it might be increasing along with prices, but not enough to signal any break away.  

Wave 2:  The bad news is still hanging around about this time, and this Wave just doesn’t have the legs to keep this phase going: a lot of prices are ‘re-testing’ lows and bearish sentiment is all around.

Wave 3: Hang on...this one is a mighty Wave and “is usually the largest and most powerful wave in a trend.” Investors are starting to perk up as prices rise, and “corrections are short-lived.”

Wave 4: Nothing lasts forever, right? Well, this one points to a temporary correction and is defined by ‘volume:’ “... (it) is well below than that of Wave three. This is a good place to buy and pull back if you understand the potential ahead for Wave 5.”

Wave 5: This wave-of-waves is like a train coming at you and “...is the final leg in the direction of the dominant trend.”

And is the ‘dominant trend’ in this secular bull market one we can see coming? Roberts says “it will most likely require one more major market correction before we get there.”

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