Tag along for a moment as we peer into our crystal ball ...

You wake up 25 years from now — or sooner, perhaps — visit your favorite information portal, and are astonished to discover the Dow Jones Industrial Average has finally reached the magical 100,000 mark.

You read correctly ... 100,000 — nearly 10 times its current value. It's called Dow 100,000. http://Dow100000.com

Sound like financial fiction? Not according to one market analyst.

"From 1982 until the speculative Internet top of 2000, the good old Dow went up more than 13-fold," said Philippe Gijsels, head of fixed income research and marketing at BNP Paribas Frotis, in a recent interview with CNBC.com http://www.cnbc.com/id/47409660/Dow_100_000_One_Analyst_Says_It_May_Happen

He went on to say: "For if history were once again to repeat itself and stock markets should once again see a tenfold increase over a period of 25 years, the next magical figure of 100,000 for the Dow could come into sight. It sounds spectacular. However, this is the move that we have already seen twice over the last 80 years."

Okay. So what does that mean for us in 2012?

It means that despite the Dow's daily gyrations, the world's leading central banks continue to pump money into the market with ever-increasing optimism for the future. And we, too, should share that optimism.

And Gijsels isn't the only Bull on the block. 

Though his projections are so far only filling the outer layer of our crystal ball, Wall Street guru Byron Wien in a recent interview with Fast Money & Halftime speculates that the Bull market will continue through 2012. http://www.cnbc.com/id/46943203/Bull_Market_to_Continue_Rest_of_Year_Byron_Wien

"Over the past three months the pessimistic mood has changed to optimism," he said. "Ordinarily, optimistic sentiment readings presage a market correction, but there are so many investors looking for an opportunity to increase their exposure that even a minor downdraft gets cut short by a flood of buyers. This could continue for a while."

Time, no doubt, will tell if the market reaches the magic Dow 100,000. But if you want to be on the train when it pulls into that station, get on board now.

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