Think the bull market is losing steam?

Give the market more credit than that — investors in Visa, MasterCard and American Express sure are, trader and author Daryl Guppy says in a new CNBC post.

Despite the usual fluctuations, retail credit markets have been growing steadily since last year, Guppy reports. Since September 2011, Visa stock has risen from $75 to $125 — a 66 percent increase, he notes.
It’s a noteworthy number, because when the 2008 recession hit, many American consumers shifted from credit cards to cash for purchases.

“Cash came out of the stock market,” according to Guppy’s post. “Cash was used to pay off credit cards and debt.”
As a result, consumption — and demand — plummeted.
But retail credit markets are pointing to persistent demand in the future.

“The chart of the Visa stock price,” Guppy concludes, “points the way to the future intentions of the U.S. consumer and they are bullish. This suggests that the Dow will recover momentum because this increase in personal credit demand will drive up consumption.

“For investors, the dips in the Dow trend are a long term buying opportunity.”
The key take-away here is that smart investors are always looking at what’s coming, not what happened last week. These numbers suggest what’s coming is a lot of reasons to invest now.
No holding back these bulls — Dow 100,000, here we come.